viernes, noviembre 18, 2005

Un Master en Turismo (en USA y on-line)

Si quieres hacer un Master en Planificación Turística totalmente en Interner y en California University of Pennsylvania puedes ir al Link de arriba y allí ver la propuesta completa. Ellos informan lo siguiente:

100% Online Master of Arts in Tourism and Planning Development

The 100% online MA in Tourism Planning and Development is designed for working professionals and recent bachelor’s degree graduates who wish to work in the tourism industry. As the United States continues to transition to a service sector economy, the tourism industry continues to expand at a rapid rate. The World Tourism Organization projects that this industry will be the world’s largest employer by 2006. According to the Travel Industry Association of America “Employment in executive positions in travel and tourism is forecasted to increase faster by the year 2006 (to 954,000) than employment in the overall economy (29.3 percent vs. 14.8 percent).” Graduates with advanced degrees are needed to fill upper level positions within this growing industry.

The MA Tourism Planning and Development program will prepare students for careers in tourism research, planning, and development. The program will appeal to professionals within the tourism field with a commitment to lifelong learning and students with undergraduate degrees in tourism or related disciplines such as business, economics, management, marketing, international studies, parks and recreation, planning, and geography. Tourism studies “embraces virtually all aspects of society” (Ritchie 2003, p. 10). This field, therefore, has many disciplinary inputs, making it compatible with a variety of academic and professional experiences.

Through the flexibility of the field experience, master’s degree project, and thesis components of the proposed program students can develop very specialized interests and expertise within an overall knowledge of the advanced principles and practices of the industry.

This program is structured for completion within sixteen to twenty-four months (a minimum of four semesters). The first eight months of the program involve course work through distance education. The second part of the program involves the compilation of a Masters Thesis/Master’s Degree Project Option. This phase of the program will take a minimum of eight months to a maximum of twelve months to complete. These phases are bridged by the completion of a field experience in the industry.

The program is structured this way to initially develop knowledge of the advanced principles and practices of tourism for all students via the coursework. Students will develop a common understanding of the advanced theories and concepts of the business of tourism internationally within the context of its environmental, socio-cultural, and environmental consequences. They will then be able to apply these concepts through their Field Experience and Thesis/Master’s Degree Project Option research. This final phase of the program will enable the students to apply specific interests and expertise in the tourism industry for their career goals.

También ofrecer el curso de pre-grado. Pueden ver este enlace:


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