viernes, enero 06, 2006

This is a WEB of Kardamili

Kardamili a historical place at the Peloponese; it dates from the 800 bc and it are 255 klm from Athens- Greece.

  • Taygetos

  • This is the second hiestes mounten near Kardamili. But Greece claims some 2.500 islands, islets, rocks and skerries, from Corfu off the northwest coast to Rhodes in the southeast. Six of these,Corfu and its satellites, are in the Ionian Sea, a southern extension of the Adriatic. The rest clutter the Aegean Sea, with Crete separating them from the Eastern Mediterranean. Some are just a stone´s throw from foreign shores: Corfu is separated by little more than a kilometre os water from Albania, and tiny Megísti (Kastellórizon) is only 500m from the Turkish coast. Many are mountainous and barren, others are well-watered and fertile, and the tremendous variety if of island landscapes is part of their neverending charm.

    En grecia existe un santuario culinario en CRETA, como aparece en seguida:


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