viernes, agosto 25, 2006

Turismo y Fraude

The boom of the tourism also produces its problems

Care with the fraud!!

The Travel Agencies utilize Internet for promoters their business. The use of this media has grown hardly in the last years and the competence each time is greater. The Web as a marketing strategy is an excellent opportunity to obtain better sales. During the 1960s heavy emphasis was placed on tourism as a sources of foreign exchange, a catalyst of development, a hedge against the uncertain fluctuations of commodity prices. Today, tourism’s status as a major economic activity is in no doubt as international tourist earnings top US$ 527 billions and over 638 million tourist visits abroad are made annually (2.000). Today 212 million people around the globe are employed in travel and tourism, a business that earns US$ 3.4 trillion annually.

There are three different aspects that enable these organizations to confront these
competence: quality, client satisfaction and security in its offering.

The tourists consider that the use of Internet to plan their trips is a very useful tool and even now they have had confidence in the offerings of trips.

Nevertheless for the first time more or less 3.000 tourists in the United Kingdom were defrauded by, more than 2 million pounds sterling by means of offerings of holidays by Internet.

The cheats created various places on the Internet with offerings, attractions of fraudulent vacation packages and they promoted them. Once they registered the payments of thousands of tourists the places, the cheats and the money disappeared.

Even people that took some precautions fell in the deceit due to the similarity with legitimate offerings; for example, names they were utilized and directions of real hotels that some tourists recognized and the corresponding requests were dealt with to seem an agency of trips properly registered.

A woman of 30 and so many years and a man of more than 60 years were arrested in London with relation to these frauds.

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